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Protection Services (Malta) LTD was known as Executive Protection Services Malta we are the company that took care of the security for Juventus F.C. in Malta. Our company is registered with MFSA Registration Number C60430 and licensed by the Commissioner of Police (PGA /5/ 2013). We have over 20 years experience in the security and investigation business. Our company offers a variety of Security Services such as: Private Guards, Bodyguards, Close Protection Officers, Security Drivers and many more. All of our employees are trained in various fields and they all are in possession of the necessary licenses to operate in Malta.




Protection Services Malta offers various Security related services. Our services range from normal Private Guard to the more specialized Close Protection, VIP protection Private Investigations and many more. Our close protection officers are highly trained and dedicated. During our years in the military we trained with several close protection officers from all around the world, this helped us gain the knowledge we have today. Protection Services Malta have created a network of international Close Protection Officers, Investigators and Security companies all over the globe this ensures that no matter where the operation is we will always have logistical support and operative from that country thus making it easier and safer for our principal and clients.




Our investigations team is made of several personnel from military and police background. Our investigation department was formed back in 1991 since then we had a case solving ratio of 96% our lead investigator was one of the earliest Private Investigator in the country. Our intention is to keep building and improving our ratio and techniques. Our company is proud  to say that the evidence that we collect is always achieved in a legal manner, nowadays we use state of the art technology which made our job much easier and safer in some cases. 




Back in 2008 we were in charge of Juventus F.C for their one week visit to Malta. Our task was to provide a safe environment for all players and staff. In total we had 64 people under close protection, 24 hours a day for 7 days. During their stay our Job included Crowd Control at Ta’ Qali National Stadium, Sky Club, Le Meridien St Julians and all other places visited by the team and staff. We offered close protection and residential security to all the players and staff.




For the past couple of years we had a collaboration with the Valletta Local Council where we offered pedestrian security and Crowd Control Services. our job was to protect pedestrians on and around construction sites and work sites. we also had the task to ensure that work sites are kept safe and clean after contractors left the site.




Every year our company is requested to provide security during the massive event of Notte Bianca, where it is estimated that more than 80,000 people visit Valletta in one night. Our tasks include controlling the flow of visitors from all entry points leading to the center of Valletta, guarding parking areas and removing unauthorized vehicles, controlling the crowd and keeping the public peace.




During Notte Bianca we have about 50 licensed guards for Crowd Control all around Valletta. During all events our securities are equipped with necessary equipment required for the smooth running of the task at hand. All guards carry at all times UHF communication equipment to communicate and report directly with the base station. The Operations room is manned by 3 persons who are in charge of several tasks including  reporting and dispatching units where needed.




Protection Services Malta also provided securities during NYE events of 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 which were held in Valletta our job was to assist the Malta Police force. During NYE 2013 we also had the task to ensure that all parking spaces in Valletta are kept for the residents and to prevent thefts.




In August 2013 we provided security for the European Youth Orchestra, which was held at Pjazza Teatru Rjal in Valletta. The event was organized by MEUSAC. In attendance at the event were several foreign dignitaries and the Maltese President. In this event we had to make several areas safe and create fast exit routes to be used in cases of emergencies we also explain and lead the security teams that work with the dignitaries for the duration of the event.  After the event we were selected to be the first security company to protect the theatre. Since there was no security company before us, we had to create and implement security procedures that are ideal for the venue.




At Pjazza Teatru Rjal the daily job requires us to provide 24/7 security, Receptionist service. During the events held there we will be required to provide extra Crowd Control securities and  close protection officers to take care of the V.I.P’s During the events we have up to a maximum of 15 securities to cover the whole venue and the surrounding areas.




During the time at Pjazza Teatru Rjal our company was in charge of several events, during these events our security had to perform several tasks such as crowd control, VIP protection, helping people, perform medivacs and more tasks. The following is a list of some of the events controlled and secured by Protection Services Malta. These are the events that took place at Pjazza Teatru Rjal and other places during 2013 and 2014.




Dance organized by the Chinese Cultural Centre in Malta on their 10th anniversary.


            Ziguzajg Kids Festival


            YMCA event “Ninaqdu Kontra Il-Faqar”


            Brikkuni Event


            Indian Dance Event


            Notte Bianca Event Several Bands in attendance


            Armed Forces of Malta Band concert


            Malta Police Band Concert


December Festivities Events


New Year’s Eve at Pjazza Teatru Rjal


January we had other several events related with the XMAS festivities


Carnival Events whole week


Easter Jazz and Gospel Event


            Swings a concert by the Malta Youth Orchestra


            Miss and Mr World Malta 2014


            Yuri Rozum in Concert


            Borderless a collaboration dance premier by Mavin Khoo


            Talent unmasked: A Night of Creation performance by Agenzija Sapport


            Ira Losco and Friends concert


            Royal Marines Association Concert band in aid of the Malta Community Chest Fund


            IMSDC Gala Dance Performance


            Giuseppe Verdi La Traviata


            Leighton Park School Senior Choir, Orchestra & LP Brass concert


            Malta Arts Festival


            Hard Rock Café Event (St Georges Bay St Julians)


2 Cellos


Kelma Kelma & Big Band Brothers Concert


King Lear Globe on Tour


Fecha De Caducidad Contemporary Circus performance


Pjazza Kino Sea Stories


Triple Bill Duets in Motion


            Remax Event (Manoel Island)


            Just Dance Performance


            Porn the Musical


            Kelma Kelma second Event


            Vietnamese Cultural Show


            Klezmorimalta Nights event


            Community Chest Fund Raising Talent show


            Notik Dance


            German Youth Orchestra


            TCTC 2 Day event


            National Youth Orchestra


            Il-Kennies Tal-Genna


            KMS Dance Event (PTR)


            Notte Bianca 2014


            Russian Cultural Event


            Zigu Zajg Week


            Red Bull Kart Challenge event 2014


            Christmas 2014 Events


            L-Istrina 2014 Security


            Kazin Malti NYE Event Security


            Ms. Carnival Malta 2015


            Chinese New Year Event (China Cultural Centre)


            NETENT Game Launch Event at Manoel Island


            MRS Malta at Phoenicia Hotel by Gaffiero Productions






During the past years our company was hired to provide security services during various other social events held in various localities.




Our company was hired by the National Book Council to provide security during the 2014 National Book Fair at the UOM Campus.






2014 Our Company was chosen to offer 24/7 security and close protection service at an embassy residence in Malta to protect the Ambassador and his family. All our employees are trained to work with diverse cultures and foreigners with no problems.




We believe that the client deserves the best service available therefore, our securities are always equipped with the latest equipment found on the market. We will also provide any tools needed to perform the task as professional as possible.  




Protection Services Malta has also a Rapid Deployment Team always ready to intervene in cases of emergency. We guarantee that our team is deployed immediately from when the call is received. The first step in case of emergency will be that a team leader is dispatched with a 2 men team on site to assist the guards on duty and asses the situation. If the case requires more guards, the base  will deploy more men at the site of the emergency in the shortest time possible.




Our Control room is equipped with a real-time reporting system, UHF communications and a Computer Aided Dispatch system. With this system the moment the call is made, by phone, UHF or Cell Phone, the system will automatically log the incident and the operator will dispatch the required units, at a touch of a button.




Protection Services Academy was opened in February 2015, our academy offers courses for Private Guards and Private Guards in places of entertainment. We will be introducing new security courses in the near future. Our academy enables us to train our employees to the latest trends and techniques in the industry.




Protection services Malta security personnel are covered by a public liability insurance as required by law.




Our Company’s goal is to professionally protect and secure each of our customer’s facilities and buildings to the best of our abilities and in the highest standard possible.




At Protection Services Malta we understand that our customers want as few hassles as possible and therefore, Protection Services Malta shall provide strong management and direction for each project to ensure services are delivered to you in a smooth and problem free manner.






Jason Pisani




Protection Services Malta


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